The Reluctant Investors Lament

I hesitate to make a list

Of opportunities I have missed

Investments that were in my grip

I watch them through my finger’s slip

Prime properties I should have bought

Were lost because of over-thought

I thought of this – I thought of that

I could have sworn I smelled a rat

And while I thought things over twice

Another grabbed them at the price

It always seems I hesitate

Then make my mind up much too late

A very cautious person am I

And that is why I never buy

I chose to think and as I thought

They bought the house I should have bought!

The golden chances I had then

Are lost and will never ever come again

Today I cannot be enticed

For everything’s so overpriced

The deals of yesteryear are dead,

The market’s soft – and so’s my head!

At times a teardrop drowns my eye

I had the chance, but did not buy,

And now life’s saddest words I pen –

If only I’d decided then

Author Unknown