Property Investment

Many investors choose to invest in property because it places “control” of their investment destiny in their own hands.  The reasons we say “control” is because the investor chooses:-

·         what to buy or sell 

·         when to buy or sell

·         whether to buy newer property with greater tax benefits or older property with other positive aspects

·         whether to buy residential or commercial property 

·         whether to renovate or improve the property

·         whether to appoint a managing agent or self- manage the property

·         whether to raise or drop the rent

·         whether to keep or remove the tenants at lease end

In essence, all decision making rests with the investor, as opposed to investing in Shares, Managed Funds or Superannuation Fund where the Stock Broker or Fund Manager makes all investment decisions for the investor.  Creating financial independence yourself is not an impossible dream – the hard part is getting started, but having access to a “Skilled Adviser” with the required level of finance expertise and skill to help you accumulate a property folio is absolutely critical. 

At Rockfeather Financial, we are SPECIALIST PROPERTY INVESTMENT FINANCE STRATEGISTS who have assisted countless clients accumulate significant property portfolio’s safely and successfully using many principles drawn from

financial planning, accounting, tax, and law.   We understand the needs of today’s astute property investor and can help you to:-

·         maximise your borrowing capacity

·         reduce your interest cost and fees

·         structure your loans correctly to maximise your investment capacity

·         effectively and safely access your equity to facilitate further investments

 Always remember this….“Property is the vehicle towards wealth creation – but Finance is the key“

You could benefit from our expertise and advice if the following applies to you:-

·         you have equity in your home and you would like to control your own financial destiny by building a property portfolio that eventually provides you with an income for life

·         you already have a property portfolio but would like to speed up the acquisition of more properties as part of your overall wider strategy

·         you already have a property portfolio but believe you are “boxed in” and not structured correctly to enable you to maximise your investment potential

·         you already have a property portfolio but believe you are constrained by lending policies or other factors 

·         you already have a property portfolio but would like advice to help you effectively manage your properties cash flows

And last but not least, at Rockfeather Financial we are active property investors in our own right.  The expertise, skill and diligence we apply to our own endeavours, we apply to our clients as well……..“We Practice What We Preach”