• The official cash rate is now 2.0%.

    The Reserve Bank of Australia has today announced the outcome of its board meeting and it has decreased the cash rate by 25 basis points. The official cash rate is now 2.0%. In taking this decision it appears the Reserve Bank has reacted to growing concerns around the Australian dollar, modest economic growth and lower […]

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  • The Reluctant Investors Lament

    I hesitate to make a list Of opportunities I have missed Investments that were in my grip I watch them through my finger’s slip Prime properties I should have bought Were lost because of over-thought I thought of this – I thought of that I could have sworn I smelled a rat And while I […]

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  • What if I can’t work again?

    Have you thought about what would happen to you, your family or your business if you suddenly suffered an injury or illness which prevented you from working for an extended period of time? Insurance planning should not be left to chance. If you are off work for an extended period due to serious injury or […]

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  • Budgeting and Goal Setting

    Just like dieting, I hear groans at the thought. I know some just want to take their credit cards and go shopping at the mention of the words. To quote a famous marketing phrase, the best advice for budgeting and goal setting is “just do it!” It really is as simple and as difficult as […]

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  • Property Investment

    Many investors choose to invest in property because it places “control” of their investment destiny in their own hands.  The reasons we say “control” is because the investor chooses:- ·         what to buy or sell  ·         when to buy or sell ·         whether to buy newer property with greater tax benefits or older property with other positive aspects […]

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  • Home Loan Glossary

     Additional Payments: Extra payments made on your home loan account that reduce the interest payable on the loan over time. Draw Down: Access available funds. This usually refers to staggered payments on a Construction Loan, or to lines of credit where the borrower has access to funds when they need them. Equity: The value of […]

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  • Here are some common mistakes that we can help you avoid

    1. Starting without a strategy. The single biggest mistake investors make is to simply launch themselves into an investment property without taking the time to work out what their goals are, and how they are going to achieve them. You need a game plan. This involves making a detailed analysis of your current income and […]

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